DIY Treatment For Dry Hair (and skin)

So the cold weather literally hit about a week ago and I’m already feeling the effects.  

I have been blessed with a wonderful combination of fair skin and coarse hair (both my parents are redheads).

  • Thick locks love a good hot curling iron
  • No loss of hair is ever visible when you literally own a horse mane
  • I can go 3-4 days without shampooing with zero signs of grease or limpness
  • Fair skin equals sensitivity through the roof 
  • Fair skin means early signs of aging (sigh)
  • Thick hair requires a highly scientific concoction of lotions and potions to tame the unruly tresses (aka the giant triangular object protruding from my head)
So this year rather then spending 6 months wearing a hat or keeping my dry, cracked hands in my pockets I’m looking for ways to conquer the overdose of indoor heat and blistering cold.  
Rather then spending money on products I can’t guarantee I decided to DIY it. I started to regularly use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as a hair mask which I leave on while I vacuum the house on Fridays.  
Pairing it with a not so enjoyable task that I know I must perform on a weekly basis means I won’t forget.  It’s a great way to ensure it becomes part of my routine.  
I was looking for a change this week and came up with this recipe:
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp olive oil
1/4 cup plain yogurt
*for added benefits you can also incorporate coconut oil
As long as you don’t mind walking around with a vomit-like odour coming from your shower cap for 20 minutes I was actually surprised at how hydrated and manageable my hair was after washing it out.  My dry and split ends looked like they’d been freshly trimmed and the bulk of my hair was full of bounce and shine.  (so in the end it was totally worth the flashbacks of baby puke on my shoulder).
Try it for yourself!  The bottom line is DIY is good for the budget and you know exactly what you’re putting on your, in my case, sensitive skin.  (PS it also works on face and hands to soften and restore moisture).
P.S.  I’ve also heard that papaya is a nourishing ingredient to add the repertoire so I’m going to try that next.  
Let me know what you use…

3 thoughts on “DIY Treatment For Dry Hair (and skin)

  1. It’s good to know this recipe works for fair skin. I’m always reluctant to try diys because my skin is quite sensitive. Honey and olive oil do wonders, but I worry about the yogurt irritating my skin. Would have to try it though, thanks for sharing!


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