The First Step Towards Achieving Your Dreams is Believing.


Most of my life I have been the naysayer.  The girl who has many dreams but keeps them neatly tucked away so no one can find them.

Why? Fear. Fear that letting others see my aspirations would expose a vulnerable side of me that I couldn’t protect. Silly, I know.

For those of us who have wandered through life thinking doing what we love is a dead end road or waking up full of inspiration is a pipe dream I present to you my first published article.


It will never be in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize by any means, in fact most people will skim it and forget it within seconds.  But, to me, this article is a huge step towards becoming the person a little girl once dreamed she would be.


Click here to read my first post as a contributing author at TryBelle Magazine:






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