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From Curbside To Bedside


Transforming Trash into Treasure

There’s something about transforming a discarded piece of furniture into a treasured beauty that really gives me great pleasure.  I never in a million years thought I’d become a garbage junkie, in fact if you told me a few years ago that I’d be hoarding a pile of misfit furniture just looking for the right moment to transform it into a pièce de résistance I would have told you to buzz off.

I can’t even remember how it started for me.

It could have been a rainy afternoon binge watching HGTV or it could have just been osmosis.  I’ve spent several Saturday mornings as a child following family members through garage sales, scoffing at their delight for second hand things.   I could never see myself wanting what someone else had discarded nor could I fathom ever spending a precious second of my weekend looking at such rubbish.

Fast forward a decade (or two) and you will find me pulled over at the side of the road speed dialing my husband’s cell phone to come help me load my latest prodigy.

I go through phases where I’ll binge on curb shopping and then I’ll lose interest.  Like a self-professed late night fridge raider I’ll reject my dented castoffs and consider banishing them to my own curb.

My creativity ebbs and flows.

Recently the motivation returned and in a week’s time I had finished three projects I’d been turning a blind eye to for months.  I found a paint I am smitten with and the reasons are somewhat selfish.  This paint does all the work.  Fusion Mineral Based Furniture Paint is a primer, paint and topcoat designed for furniture (and creative procrastinators like myself).


So with a surge of inspiration I went out the garage and surveyed the island of misfit tables.  I chose two that I had rescued last summer from a landfill eternity and cleaned them up.

Furniture - side table 1

They were a sad little pair but all it took was a few light coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Renfrew Blue.

They now have a beautiful existence on each side of my bed (adding much more character than the tables we bought for our first home that we thought were Swedish for common sense).

Placing the tables in their rightful spot in my home was like hearing a choir of angels.

Okay that was a little extreme but there is a sense of accomplishment with a project like this.  I’m so inspired I do believe the mountain of rejected furnishings I have rescued may just become a molehill in the coming weeks.  I promise to share my next triumph when it’s complete!

Furniture - side table


For more inspiration and to check out the colours available in Fusion Mineral Paint check out their website: http://fusionmineralpaint.com/colors/



2 thoughts on “From Curbside To Bedside

  1. Looks amazing! I love repurposing furniture. I do small projects, like turning old frames to key hangers or decoupaging them with newspaper scraps for that bookish effect. I would love to try bigger projects, like repainting my desk for example. You did a great job there 👏🏻


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