As the host of an urban magazine show Natasha enjoys researching ideas for the show and  learning about all that her community has to offer. As a child Natasha didn’t play “school” or “house”, she played “talk show” interviewing willing (or unwilling) participants (the family pet, dolls and extended family members) every chance she got.

Natasha has been described by friends as the “Energizer Bunny” because you rarely catch her sitting. She is a passionate and active part of the community, an animal advocate, always looking for opportunities to surround herself with creatures of all shapes and sizes.  When she’s not hosting an on location segment for Daytime airing on Rogers Cable 20 she’s writing for her blog, a contributing author (trybellemag.com), foster parent (the furry variety), Crime Stoppers Board Member, World Vision Sponsor, habitual furniture restorer and personal assistant to her husband and three children.  When there’s time for herself she enjoys running (ok jogging) and can be found planning her next theme party.  “No rest for the wicked” is her motto…

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